What are People Saying About Their Results?

Bringing Blackwolf to our area for the “Listen to the Drum Conference”, was a tremendous experience. Blackwolf was easy to work with and a joy to learn from. I believe that most conference participants went away with some amount of emotional healing, if not a feeling of peace.  Clinic Administrator, Employee Counseling of Indiana

We feel it was an honor to meet you and begin to learn about some of the traditions and rituals of our American Indian ancestors. We thank you for sharing with us so openly and from the heart.  Shands Hospital at the University of Florida

The workshop you [Phyllis] did for us on performance stage fright and anxiety was excellent. Dealing with music majors and their performance anxiety is a constant challenge.  The insight you gave to the participants at the event was very valuable, not only to myself but my students as well.  In particular, the open discussion at the end allowed those present to focus on their own individual issues. Thanks for bringing your expertise to us.  Michael J. Arendt, Professor of Music, University of Wisconsin – Manitowoc

I have been a competitive weightlifter for the past 12 years. I found after a sports-related injury I lost my focus and drive.  EMDR/self-hypnosis was exactly what I needed to get unstuck. I was able to not only win my next competition, but set a state record. Tracy Christensen, 2000 candidate for Sheriff of Manitowoc County

Consultations, TFT and self-hypnosis helped me regain self-confidence and block out negative emotions that had become distractions. I’ve been able to refocus and chart a professional and personal path that re-energized me and got me back on track.  James Kettler

I have always been a “nice guy” but as the saying goes: “Nice guys finish Last.” Unless you are able to deal with a situation and protect your interests you will always be “the victim”. Confrontation has always been uncomfortable for me. Learning a more realistic approach to life was the benefit from my EMDR sessions. Dr. Dean, Chiropractor

As a member of Operations Management at a nuclear power plant, continuous training is part of the job. I found myself being more apprehensive about each exam cycle.  Just prior to my last biannual exam, I was able to meet with Dr. Kasper.  By using the TFT technique, my review was focused and I was very relaxed. The most noticeable effect was how easily I was able to fall asleep the night before the exam. No tossing or turning, just a good night’s rest. After passing the exam, I realized just how useful the TFT session was for relieving exam stress. Nuclear power plant operator